We must care for elders who nurtured us. Helping Poor Elderly in India

DSWDT invents the old age home for those elderly people who doesn’t have the shelter and need the help to live their rest of the life.  This old age home has been in the service of providing love and care to the senior citizens of our society, who are very much in need of these two things at that stage of their lives.  The main aim of bringing joy and contentment into the lives of the elderly, who may not be staying with their families for some reason,   may not have a family to stay with. 

Support the old age home by contributing to meet the expenses.

Per person for per month cost is Rs.10,350 /- which includes the stay, food, cloth, medicines, caretaker , medical support  etc..

Contact - Head Office

# 9 O B , Choodahalli ,
Udayapura Post ,
Near Art of Living,
Bengaluru -560082

+91 9481250076 / +91 9663333876